RiOs™ Essential Water Purification System

RiOs™ Essential systems are ideal for laboratories needing reliable, constant production of Reverse Osmosis, RO (Type 3) water from potable tap water. RO pure water produced by RiOs™ Essential systems is ideal for non-critical laboratory applications, such as:

  • Glassware rinsing
  • Hydroponics
  • Water baths
  • Feed water for humidifiers, autoclaves, glassware washers, washing machines
  • Feed water for ultrapure water systems

Systems are available in 5, 8, 16 or 24 liter models to match the specific volume needs of your laboratory.

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    RiOs™ Essential water • Intelligent purification

    RiOs™ Essential is built on an optimized and efficient purification sequence: Tap water first enters the Progard® pretreatment cartridge which efficiently removes particles & colloids, free chlorine and hardness. Pretreated water passes through the reverse osmosis membrane which removes up to 99% of all ionic & organic contaminants, microorganisms and particles. The benefits of RiOs™ intelligent reverse osmosis are:

    • No risk of water shortage, even in winter – intelligent RO adapts its production rate to tap water temperature.
    • Continuously, high quality RO permeate – intelligent RO is always working to the best of its ability, discarding primary low-quality permeate, protecting downstream purification technologies.
    • Environment conscious, water savings – intelligent RO optimizes the recovery of rejected water and in turn maximizes Progard® lifetime.

    The Progard® cartridge incorporates RFID technology. This provides instant visibility on cartridge parameters and also ensures a safe & optimal performance of your system, giving you full traceability.

    User friendly & easy maintenance

    With intuitive controls that simplify operation, RiOs™Essential is user-friendly, and provides just the information required. A color-coded backlit LCD display clearly shows message importance for system alert and alarm icons. With its small footprint, RiOs™ Essential system enables installation wherever it is convenient in your laboratory — on or under the bench, or on a wall. A single replaceable cartridge allows your system to run smoothly all year long while preserving your budget. Millitrack® e-Solutions provide enhanced data management control, remote access capabilities to the system dashboard, and long-term electronic archiving for your RiOs™Essential.

    Quality certificates

    For full confidence in your RiOs™ Essential system, it is delivered with a Certificate of Calibration for the built-in temperature and resistivity meters, and a Certificate of Conformity ensuring that it has been built and tested fully assembled following internal Standard Operating Procedures. In addition all RiOs™ Essential consumables are delivered with their Certificate of Quality. The manufacturing site is ISO® 9001 v.2000 and ISO® 140001 certified.

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    Water Specifications

    RiOs™ Essential RO water (Type 3)

    Ionic rejection> 95%
    Organic rejection for MW > 200 Dalton> 99 %
    Particulates rejection> 99%
    Production flow Rate5 L/h (RiOs™ Essential 5)
    8 L/h (RiOs™ Essential 8)
    16 L/h (RiOs™ Essential 16)
    24 L/h (RiOs™ Essential 24)
    Delivery flow rateFrom storage tank tap: up to 2.5 L/min
    From optional pump: up to 15 L/min at 1 bar

    Feed water

    Feed Water QualityPotable tap water
    Feed Water Conductivity< 2000 µS/cm @ 25°C
    Feed Water Pressure1 - 6 bar
    Feed Water Temperature5 - 35°C
    Feed Water Chlorine< 3 ppm
    Feed Water Fouling Index< 12
    Feed water pH4 to 10 pH units
    Feed Water Connection1/2 in Gaz M

    System Specifications

    Dimensions (H x W x D)470 x 268 x 339 mm (28.07 x 16.25 x 18.03 in)
    Operating weight14.4 - 15.7 kg (59.5 - 61.7 lb)
    Electric power supply voltage100 - 230 V +/- 10%
    Electric power supply frequency50 - 60 Hz
    Main unit data connectionEthernet (RJ45)