Multi Function Textile Table

The Textile Suction Table is a variant of the Multi Function Table; specifically designed for use with textiles. Additional features include smooth rounded sides and rollers fitted to each side to enable access to specific areas of larger objects.

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    This Multi Function Textile Table has a hand ground perforated work surface which is mounted on a sturdy powder-coated box steel frame with lockable castors. An inclined instrument panel, housing the control components, is situated at one end of the table, detachable side panels below the table allow access to the installed systems .


    Suction, The principal function of the table is to hold objects safely and securely in place with air pressure while they are being treated. This is achieved with a high volume, direct drive dual impeller exhauster, the speed of which, is variable and electronically controlled with a finger operated dial on the control console & hand held controller, a digital vacuum readout guage in Millibar steps, also locate on the control console.

    Heating, The heated work surface is achieved with the proven Willard heating system, which provides a highly reliable, accurate and above all even temperature across the entire table work surface with a separate temperature setting dial and a temperature readout on the control panel.

    Edge heating is a unique feature fitted to all Willard Multi-Function Tables. Perimeter mounted elements maintain an even temperature across the working area from the centre to the edges to ensure even bonding and minimum distortion. A separate temperature setting dial is mounted on the control console and all heating circuits are controlled by accurate, fast reacting electronic thermostats with sensors situated: immediately below the perforated work surface.


    TEXTILE ROLLERS, these are fitted along both long sides of the table and provide a useful means of holding a larger textile object when working on a specific area.

    DUCT HEATING Fitted to all models featuring humidification, this essential system prevents condensation of water within the ductwork. insulated heating circuits warm the flow of re-circulated, moisture laden air to ensure an evenly controlled supply. This feature also helps dry the table internally after use.

    FULL AIR CIRCULATION The Willard multi-layered ducting system allows a consistent supply of re-circulated air to the object, whilst maintaining the main holding (suction) pressure. Rows of closely spaced ducting directly below the work surface have positive and negative pressures which conduct conditioned air through and along the object in contact with the surface. A dedicated high volume circulation blower feeds the system, reversing at intervals to ensure even distribution of conditioned air. The air circulation system can also be used to dry an object in place on the table using ambient air.

    HUMIDIFICATION A Willard high capacity evaporative humidifier supplies a stream of moistened air at a selected % RH for even, controlled relaxation of textiles and textile linings. This facility utilises custom made sensors situated directly below the perforated work surface in the airflow around the object. A dial operated control and digital readout (%R.H.) are fitted to the control panel.

    DE-HUMIDIFICATION Circulated air is passed through a custom made de-humidification plant, removing excess moisture to achieve controlled drying of the object from below. Condensate collection and water drainage are incorporated into the system.

    REFRIGERATIVE COOLING For enhanced cooling, re-circulated air is directed over the refrigerated part of the de-humidifier. This is especially useful when the Multi-Function Table is used in warm environments.

    CROSS FLOW COOLING Ambient air is drawn by the circulation blower beneath the work surface to dissipate heat. The air is then exhausted into the room. De-humidified or cooled air may be introduced from an external source.

    PARTIAL AIR CIRCULATION This version allows more sophisticated cooling than the by-pass system where the other higher functions are not required. It might also be possible to introduce de-humidified or cooled air into the system from an external source. If humidified air is to be introduced, duct heaters must already be fitted.

    HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Powered adjustment is available on the smaller tables, using synchronised legs, which allow a typical 200mm (8 inch) of height adjustment, this assists in circumstances where many conservators within a mixed height workforce may be required to operate the table.

    CARBON FILTER An activated carbon filter can either be incorporated within the table exhaust system or supplied as a free standing unit connected in line directly into the exhaust outlet on the table, this is particularly useful where external venting is not possible

    These tables built for use with textiles, are typically 4000mm long and 1200mm wide and can be produced in a wide variety of alternative sizes and specifications, please contact us to discuss your requirements. prices start from around £29,000 for the basic 1200 x 1800 standard table with heating & vacuum systems.