Suction Tables integrated exhauster

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  • 제품정보 (특징)

    The latest model of Willard Integrated Suction Table is supplied with a new "quiet running"
    enclosed exhauster unit, built on to the table frame below the work surface. This offers the
    benefits of having all you need in one place and the new low noise system ensures minimum
    disturbance within the studio. We believe this Willard new suction table is one of the quietest
    models available.

    Integrated Suction Table Sizes. The integrated table is available in sizes of A0 and above,
    such as 1200mm x 1500mm (4ft x 5ft)  A format such as 2A0 size differs slightly from the ISO
    216 (International Standards Organisation ‘A’ paper sizes) with the long side very slightly
    greater than the format dictates, which creates a versatile table sized at 6 foot x 4 foot
    (1800mm x 1200mm)  All Willard tables can be produced in a wide range of additional sizes
    and formats to meet any individual requirement.

    Suction. The integrated table is supplied as standard with a variable speed "low noise" quiet
    and efficient 1.5kw exhauster unit installed with a hand held controller which can be used to
    alter the amount of suction. There are a number of suction table exhauster options available.
    Users may select from these options to suit intended tasks. These efficient side channel units
    are installed within a vented and insulated enclosure below the table and are supplied an easy
    to view illuminated LCD suction readout mounted on the side of the table frame

    There are a wide range of accessories and options available for this table, which can be viewed
    within the  Suction Table Accessories section.

    Available accessories include:

    • Acrylic Dome
    • Acrylic Hood
    • Ultrasonic Humidifier
    • Laminated Worktop
    • Moisture Trap
    • Carbon Filter
    • Heated work surface.
    • Adjustable height
    • Power supply filter


    Table photographed below is finished in size A0 and shows the table with a laminated worktop,
    acrylic hood moisture trap and integral carbon filter.

  • integrated_suction_table_with_hood_and_exhauster.jpgfile_24_1.jpg

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