Heated Suction Table

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* 1200mm x 1800mm (6ft x 4ft) / 1200mm x 2400mm (8ft x 4ft)

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    This excellent, recently introduced table variant allows many treatments to be successfully
    completed; utilizing the Willard fully integrated proven vacuum & heating systems together
    with an airflow cooling feature.

    This table is also illustrated within the multi function table page, described as the table option

    The table has a hand ground perforated work surface which is mounted on a sturdy powder-
    coated box steel frame with lockable castors. An inclined easy to use control console housing
    the control system, is offset on one of the long sides of the table.


    Suction, The principal function of the table is to hold objects safely and securely in place with
    air pressure while they are being treated. This is achieved with a high volume, direct drive dual
    impeller exhauster, the speed of which, is variable and electronically controlled with a finger
    operated dial on the control console & hand held controller, a digital vacuum readout guage in
    Millibar steps, is also located on the control console.

    Heating, The heated work surface is achieved with the proven Willard heating system, which
    provides a highly reliable, accurate and above all even temperature across the entire table
    work surface with a separate temperature setting dial and a temperature readout on the control

    Perimeter heating, this is a unique feature fitted to all Willard Multi-Function and Heated
    Suction Tables helps to maintain an even temperature across the working area of the table,
    from the centre to the edges to ensure even bonding and minimum distortion. A separate tem
    perature setting dial is mounted on the control console and all heating circuits are controlled
    by accurate, fast reacting electronic thermostats with sensors situated: immediately below the
    perforated work surface.

    Enhanced by-pass cooling.  A simpler method than the full air circulation system fitted to the
    multi function tables, this is nevertheless, an effective way to quickly lower the work surface
    temperature below an object. On opening valves, ambient air is drawn through sub-surface
    ducting by the main suction motor, whilst maintaining suction to the object on work surface.
    This method of by-pass cooling has the benefit of reducing cycling times for repetitive treatm

    These tables are generally available in two standard sizes,

    1200mm x 1800mm (6ft x 4ft)

    1200mm x 2400mm (8ft x 4ft)

    Other size combinations are available up to approximately 3000mm x 4000mm, please contact
    us to discuss your requirements.

    Textile Model, This table variant can also be manufactured for use with textiles and can be
    produced in the size of 1200mm x 4000mm (4ft x 12ft 6in). This can also be supplied with radius
    sides & textile rollers and have the control console fittted at one end.

    Additional items,

    A carbon rich rubber over sheet can be supplied, when cut to size, this sheet can transform
    the table to function in much the same way as a solid top table with an edge seal, which makes
    it ideal for traditional lining procedures such as envelope lining. On the smaller sized tables this
    can be supplied as a solid thin alluminium sheet.

    Worktops can also be supplied in either a single piece or two part hardwod laminated system.

    Height adjustment can be incorporated into the smaller sized tables, utilizing a reliable hand
    operated stepless hydraulic system with synchronised power packs fitted within each support
    leg on the table. Hoods & domes are also available.

    Equipment can be manufactured to operate within individual electrical supply voltages,
    as required.

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