Hot Air Pen Set

* 열풍펜세트(Hot Air Pen Set)는 보존처리 대상물에 접촉없이 작은 면에 정밀하게 조절된 열을 가하여 접착상태가 안 좋은 입자들의 박리나 이탈을 최소화합니다.

  • 제품정보 (특징)

    The Hot Air Pen has been designed to provide a highly controllable source of heat over a
    small treatment area without contact on the object, which minimises the risk of dislodgement
    of poorly adhered particles.

    The highly controllable source of heat is directed over a small treatment area which can be
    closely observed and managed. The Hot Air Pen quickly and safely heats the surface with
    point accuracy and without contact on the object, and at low air flow settings. This minimises
    the risk of dislodgement of poorly adhered particles.

    The Willard Hot Air Pen is supplied as a set complete with it's own bespoke Controller, The
    lightweight balanced hand-piece with wooden handle, 3No. interchangeable nozzles and a
    purpose made stand for the hand piece.

    The 3No. interchangeable nozzles (2mm, 3mm, and 16mm x 1mm fan shape),

    The hand piece (pen) connects to the bespoke control unit via a kink-resistant two metre
    (78 inch) insulated silicon flex, which provides independent control of temperature and air flow
    through the pen . A Conversion Chart supplied (see images) indicates the air temperature at
    the nozzle exit where it is measured by a sensor, the reduced temperature at the work surface
    is then calculated based on a specific distance.

    The front panel houses the air flow regulator and temperature control together with an on/off
    switch and indicator lamp. The air flow is variable within the maximum and minimum settings
    and the temperature is variable from ambient to 180ºC (356ºF) the indicator light signals when
    the heating element is on.

    On the rear panel of the controller is a socket for the optional Willard Temperature Monitor
    together with access to the input and output fuses.

    Controller Size: 200 x 200 x 80mm (8 x 8 x 3in)

    Controller Weight: approx 4kg (9 lb)

    The Hand-Piece Data

    Length: 165mm (61/2in)

    Handle diameter: 40mm (1-1/2in) max and tapered towards the nozzle

    Weight: (excluding nozzle) 100g (3-1/2oz)

    NB.This Controller is specific to the Hot Air Pen, as it regulates the temperature & Air Flow
    within the pen, it is therefore not interchangeable with the Standard or Special control units
    for use with Heated Spatulas & Irons, the Controller can be factory set, as standard to operate
    on either, 110V / 120V or 220v / 240v,


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